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iPad repair in Chennai is available via the iPhone iFixservice centres. They can diagnose problems with your iPad repair, a damaged screen on your iPad back glass or repair a water damaged iPad. We appreciate that you can’t be without your iPad for any length of time, so whatever iPad repair you need in Chennai, the iPhone iFixservice can do it quickly and at a competitive cost.

The iPhone iFixservice don’t only do iPad repairs; they provide chennai iPhone repair services for iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus etc,. We understand how essential it is that you get your iPad up and running as soon as possible, so you can get an economical and rapid iPad screen repair or iPad screen replacement, iPad hardware and software repairs, iPad water damage repairs and expert diagnosis services if it’s not obvious what the problem is.

# iPad Service Service Details
1 iPad Screen Damage This service covers:

LCD+Screen will be replaced

you need this repair if:
  • Blank or display is not proper
  • Glass looks alright but the touch is not working
  • Glass is cracked but touch may or may not be working
2 iPad Charging Issue This service covers:

Charging port repair to fix the charging /connecting problem, Replacement of charging port if it cannot be repaired

you need this repair if:
  • Does not detect the charger but other devices detect the charger Is not charging at all
  • The phone charges for a short period of time only
  • The charger will not fit correctly into the charging block
3 iPad Battery Problems This service covers:

Check if battery is fine, If needed the battery is replaced

you need this repair if:
  • The battery will not charge
  • The battery heats up on charging
  • The battery only stays charged for a short while
  • The back plate will not go back on because battery is swollen
4 iPad Ear Piece/Speaker/Mic Issue This service covers:

Repairing of related components in your device, Replacement of component if it cannot be repaired

you need this repair if:
  • You cannot hear the caller or caller can't hear you
  • The voice is distorted or difficult to understand
  • Music played on the device is too soft or distorted
  • Head phone jack issue
5 iPad Water Damage This service covers:

Liquid/Water will be removed from the device, Diagnosis to find the extent of the damage

you need this repair if:
  • Device is Liquid/Water Damaged
6 iPad Camera Issue This service covers:

Repairs related to front or back camera, Replacement of camera if it cannot be repaired

you need this repair if:
  • Not able to take a Photograph or Selfie
  • Photographs are blurred
  • Camera shows blank/ no pictures
7 iPad Button Troubles This service covers:

Repairing of related button in the device, Replacement of button if it cannot be repaired

you need this repair if:
  • Can't press the button
  • Button not functioning correctly
  • Button stuck
8 iPad Software Issue This service covers:

Check the software for errors, Flash the device and re-install the software if required

you need this repair if:
  • The phone switches itself off intermittently
  • The phone halts/freezes
  • Certain phone menus/features are no longer accessible
  • The screen flickers on and off

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